Creative Director
Based in Los Angeles 

COD: Mobile x Deorro

Music Video

This exhilarating collaboration, brought to life under the Activision banner and skillfully crafted by Create Advertising Group, is a remarkable part of Call of Duty Mobile's® Season 10, celebrating its 4th year anniversary. Deorro, the renowned Mexican-American DJ, lends his exceptional talent to this project.

What started as a simple visualizer soon evolved into a breathtaking 3D and motion graphics music video. Featuring emotes and dance moves from the game's iconic 'THE CLUB' area, this video promises an immersive experience. Gamers can groove to the beats of this exceptional track in the game's 'THE CLUB' area, where interactions come alive.

This track is available on all of Call of Duty's® social channels and can be enjoyed on Spotify, making it a must-listen for all gaming and music enthusiasts alike.